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May 7, 2019

To Entrepreneurs needing bookkeeping assistance:

The staff at Professional Beancounters have taken excellent care of my client’s for the past decade.

They are thorough and yet still personable and they finish their projects on a timely basis. I have

tremendous confidence in their ability to deliver complete and accurate bookkeeping while also

providing incredible value to my clients in terms of price and service. One specific strength of both Teri

and Gerri is that they understand the importance of a “clean” balance sheet and reconciled bank

accounts. This aspect of bookkeeping is often overlooked by other less professional bookkeepers who

neglect attention to detail and get away with it because most Entrepreneurs are not trained to evaluate

their balance sheets. A “messy” balance sheet can lead to extra work for the CPAs during the busiest

time of year and with extra work for CPAs comes extra expense to the clients.

If you keep up with your end of the relationship with the Professional Beancounters, you can count on

them to provide you and your tax preparer with clean, accurate and timely bookkeeping. The

Professional Beancounters take the pain and worry out of keeping the books for your business and

believe it or not, accurate and timely financial reporting can change what might be a weakness in your

business into a strength allowing you to reach the next level of success for your small business.


Jay Varcoe, CPA, MBA

Small Business Advisor